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Learn about our HP Indigo Digital Press

The HP Indigo Press 5000 uses a type of electronic printing that evolved from electrophotography and offset printing. It combines the technology of digital data, laser imaging, and traditional offset printing.

HP Indigo digital printing is known as “Digital Offset Color” and it is used in many printing markets – short-run color printing, book publishing, packaging, and personalizing brochures for target markets, to name a few. The press is designed for run lengths of 1 – 3,000 impressions and can print 1 – 7 colors on each side of a 12″-x 18″ sheet in one pass through the press.

The HP Indigo Press 5000 resembles a conventional offset printing unit. There is an image cylinder (like a conventional plate cylinder), a blanket cylinder, which transfers the image to the substrate, and an impression cylinder, which supports the substrate while ink is transferred to the sheet. One big difference is that only one unit does the actual printing. The ink colors are conventional yellow, magenta, cyan, and black, with the option of adding two additional colors. For each rotation, a different color is imaged, transferred to the blanket, and then to the paper. The paper, therefore, makes four revolutions around the impression cylinder. This is very different from conventional lithographic sheetfed or web presses, which print only one image and one color per unit.

The duplexing unit allows for printing on both sides of the sheet during a single pass through the press. The sheet goes into the unit, and the tail is gripped and sent back into the printing nip. The press is capable of printing a maximum sheet size of 12″-x-18″ and can currently output 1,000 sheets per hour (4-color on both sides) or 2,000 sheets per hour (4-color on one side).

For short-run color, the print quality on our HP Indigo Press 5000 is very impressive. Since no oils are in contact with the paper, there is no wicking or bleeding of the ink as it hits the paper, as is inherent with wet ink transfer. Dots show no feathered edges, and there is no mechanical dot gain because the ink doesn’t flow onto the paper; it bonds to it. Indigo has taken traditional offset printing to new heights.

Broudy Printing offers on-demand digital printing in small to medium runs, all with the quality of commercial offset. Utilizing the innovative print technologies of the HP Indigo Press 5000 digital press, our clients realize faster turn-times and lower costs.

On-demand digital printing allows you to print only what you need when you need it, taking the guess work out of inventory forecasting and management. With on-demand printing, you can reduce the amount of inventory you keep on hand, eliminating obsolete, out-of-date materials and in turn improve your bottom line.

Additional Benefits:

  • Rapid turn-times
  • Printing resolution of 812 dpi
  • Prints 8,000 12 x 18 sheets per hour
  • Prints on a wide range of specialty substrates – papers, transparencies, labels, plastic card stock, window clings.
  • Prints up to 11″ X 17″ + Bleeds
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